the ‘c’ word

None of us can escape it. It is a word we fear to hear. And we all know a sister, brother, uncle, aunt, parent, grandparent, neighbor, or friend that has gotten it.

Just the mention of the word immediately draws us to those with the dreaded disease.

It is a pandemic of epic proportions.

But, so is sin!

Sin is a type of ‘cancer’ that is slowly killing the soul. Just like the disease that reeks havoc on your physical body, your spiritual body too is under attack and sin is at its core.

Stand firm and do not let the devil have a foothold.

Don’t let sin negate you from all you were born to be.

God has a plan and purpose for you.

Believe it!

Reach for it!

Make your very existence here all about living out the heavenly plan prepared for you even before the foundations of the earth were ever even formed.

And regardless of circumstance, you can still fulfill God’s plan for you.

If you are struggling through an illness, remember you can still be a witness.

If you are struggling in sin, find someone to be accountable to so the sin doesn’t take control.

Others are always watching to see how we navigate through the good but more importantly the bad. In sickness and in health, may we always shine bright for our Lord. Disease may pull strength from our bodies, but our spirits and souls that we will live with for all eternity can stay healthy, strong, and stable bearing witness for our Lord.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10.10), don’t let him.

Look for the bigger picture beyond your own little world. There is a greater purpose you could be living out right now. We need to be the light in sickness or in health. Our hearts should break for what breaks God’s.

Get out of self and help others out in the world. Regardless if you, they, or no one has cancer because we all are dealing with sin on some level or another. Strive to be the healing touch in deed and action.

That is how we can…

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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