it is the 100 day of 2019

Today marks the 100th day of this year and my one 100th blog entry in 2019.

However, I must admit that I wrote this quite awhile ago. You see, God gave me the idea of having 100 entries prepared before 2019 even began. And the more I thought about it and wondered why, I realized that if I had 100 entries prepared, I would not have to do any entry preparation on the weekends.

I love how God’s plans are there even when we don’t fully understand them.

This also made me think about the importance of needing a Sabbath. We have a weekend because it is the week’s end so what do we do on the end of the week?

Usually, run around like chickens with our heads cut off.

One thing I loved about living in Europe was quiet hours and all the blue laws like we used to have when I was growing up.

When I was young, there was not only a curfew but stores were not open on Sundays EVER as it was assumed people would be at church. Businesses that sold alcohol as package stores selling liquor were never open Sundays either. Now in Europe, not many people go to church. So I thought if we could get these two cultural ideas back in sync together what a better Sabbath we would have combining quiet hours on Sunday and the norm being church attendance. I so enjoyed the ease in the quiet of the day there.

Actually, when we moved home, I was quite annoyed when we were trying to eat outside on our deck and neighbors would be mowing the lawn. Mowing the lawn was a definite no-no on a Sunday. Also, hanging out laundry was not allowed, having loud parties, or doing any activity that would interrupt someone else’s desired quietness.

Some may think this is crazy but I think the Europeans have it right that we do indeed need a day of quiet. It availed us to do things out of the norm like biking or hiking. It allowed us to truly embrace the Sabbath.

So here we are 100 days into this year of 2019 and I’m so glad God gave me the idea to have entries prepared so I can truly enjoy the weekend writing free but rather just posting what’s already been prepared and really having a weekend of rest. Well, that was the plan anyways and worked for quite sometime. It got me in the habit though of being able to have days off when needed as we all need to break from routine and rest.

What do you plan to do this weekend and how can you incorporate a quiet sabbath in the midst of a noisy sometimes chaotic busy world?

Please give us your ideas to help us be better at showing the world how taking a sabbath is so important and needed. In doing so, we will…

Here’s some ideas in pictures:

Which idea resonated with you the most? Please leave a comment. Have a blessed day and start thinking about how this sabbath will be different as you plan to incorporate some quiet and rest.

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