be red in a grey world

We were living as expats* and I had the cutest little car that was fire engine red. Most cars in this country were grey, black, or an occasional white.

None were red.

Not a one!

And I loved being different by having a red car.

It certainly stuck out and was easy to find in a parking lot.

I called the car ‘Reddy’ not only because of its color, but because it was ready to go fast. Okay, maybe that was me who wanted to go fast.

At any rate, I didn’t mind standing out one bit but kid 1 did. He even wanted me to drop him off away from school so no one would know the car belonged to our family. So with the consent of the school guard, I decided I would make it easy for him. I refused to drop him off away from the building, but instead dropped him off right in front and promptly beeped the horn which was a faux pas for this quiet, “proper” culture . I don’t necessarily recommend this approach, but now there was no longer a reason to be embarrassed by the car since all now knew who it belonged to. Sometimes we just want to fit in, especially in junior high and high school. We often don’t want to stick out, and surely most at that age would not welcome such an obnoxious good bye being yelled from the bright red, horn-blowing car.

What’s the point?

We were made to shine.

We were made to stick out.

We are to be difference makers this side of heaven and be ‘ready’ when anyone asks us of the hope we have within or why we have joy.

When they do – tell them the joy of the Lord is your strength. (Nehemiah 9.10)

We need to be living, colored proof that God is alive.

We need to live life out loudly, boldly, and maybe even clothed in red because people need to see us as red in a grey world in order to see us…

Yes, it is true as the lyrics in the song link below say: “We were made for so much more than ordinary lives … we were made to thrive.” That is how others can truly view us as being red in a grey world.

Dare to be bold.

Dare to be a difference maker.

Dare to stand up for righteousness and don’t retreat when an opportunity arises for you to share your faith.

Go ahead and beep that horn. Let the whole world know Jesus is your Lord and you want His name to be known.

Casting Crown live video:

Thrive with lyrics video:

Be red in a grey world.

*an expat is someone who lives in a country that he is not a native of and sometimes it feels like you stuck out like a sore thumb or red car especially when not doing things exactly as the locals like or expect – for example, when we moved we were expected to go and introduce ourselves immediately to the neighbors, but where I come from the neighbors are expected to come introduce themselves to those who move in

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