le pain quotidien

It means daily bread in French. It is also the name of an international Belgian cafe chain that serves organic products. They have communal tables to promote community which is a popular concept in Europe but I am not so sure how well received in other countries as the United States. But as Christians, this should be welcomed. How perfectly divine to dine with someone you don’t know. I would say that it is an ideal set up for a Christian witness. I love the mission organization Live Dead’s witnessing strategy which is simply to introduce God into the conversation within the first 3 minutes of an encounter. Try it and see where conversations may lead. After all we all need our le pain quotidien or daily bread.

We need both our physical and spiritual sides well fed and who knows that conversation you strike up while you are eating some of your own physical daily bread, might just breathe life into another and feed their soul some spiritual “bread”.

And another thing, I believe the word choice was intentional in the Lord’s prayer. He left it as an example to pray daily for what is needed. Don’t get too far ahead with your needs. Instead, focus on the needs for just today. God knows what you need before you even pray anyways but He wants us to come with them daily to Him . Be thankful for your needs being met each day and use that prayer as a reminder to ask…

“Give us this day our daily bread” Matthew 6.11

Daily strive to…


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