in a world where you can be anything – be kind

That was my teaching theme for several weeks but in week 2, I was the one that needed its lesson.

An intern for whatever reason had taken to correcting me and came across so brash to me, clients, and other staff alike that it actually was beginning to throw me off my game a little.

On this particular day, I arrived early as usual to get all the supplies in order, board ready, and print out what I needed for that’s days lesson. I still had a few minutes before one group began so I took advantage of the time and prepared the clients’ books so after group I would only have to fill in their response. (This is a state mandate.) Anyway, I try do as much before hand because I am tight on time and my schedule is just that – scheduled!

Well, when I came back to finish after teaching, I noticed one book didn’t have my writing which was odd as I only had 11 clients this day. It would not be like me to miss a book and I knew I had time to write in all their books before I lead the session.

When I came across another and another, I realized that any book where I started a new sheet had been removed and the intern put their group info on it. Okay, so they are a letter of the law person and technically that group was before mine, but really!!!

In the past, I have left a spot open for that group or even began it but it was not used or appreciated so I just used the next available space as I was told by this individual that is what is preferred.

Now I wondered where the sheets went.

They were not in the recycle pile or garbage bin in the office. Then, I remembered seeing this intern coming into my group and stuffing the locked recycle bin with what I assume are the papers I had written on!

What a waste!

What a jerk move!

But the bigger issue was what was I going to do about it.

Well, nothing.

Honestly, what was there to do.

I just taught a lesson about being kind and even used the quote: “You can’t change how others act, only how you react.” But, to be frank, I was aggravated and didn’t want to act kind but rather give that person a piece of my mind.

And all I could think and pray was: “Lord, what can I do to win this person over? How can I cover them with kindness? And how can I not take offense to such childish shenanigans.”

And the answer was simple. It was the lesson I had just taught.

In a world where you can be anything just be kind for love is to be patient and love is to be kind (I Cor 13.4) period!

So, I will do my best to portray this even when my nature says otherwise.

And you know what, God loves a surrendered heart and I vow to surrender this situation and any more that might be like it to not rob me of my joy or take away my peace.

We talked about that in the lesson I shared that morning too…how you can not force your peace on to someone else and the importance of letting anger or resentment go.*

Was I angry? Well, sort of! Resentful? Absolutely! But what I needed again was that simple lesson to just be kind.

Later that afternoon I was at a stop light and a poster on a telephone pole caught my eye. I had seen the exact one across town awhile back but today God was reminding me again to be kind. It said: Why not try kindness ~ GOD

And that is so true.

When conflict comes, may I look at the difficult situation as an opportunity to strengthen my ability to remain peaceful* and simply be kind for kindness’ sake.

May I be so filled with grace that even people that can be annoying, over bearing, just down right nasty without justification will be met with my kindness.

May I daily be able to say that in this world where I can be anything, I was kind.

Now you go do the same so others see you….

“…be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.”

Ephesians 4:32 NLT

*inspired from a post by ME

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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