it is fun sock day tomorrow

Happy spring. Not sure if where you live this rings true but several chain eating establishments give out free treats today. Reminds me of the free hugs and smiles those with Down syndrome liberally give.

How appropriate that the 21st of a month would be designated as world Down syndrome awareness day since those who have this congenial disorder have an extra 21st chromosome.

And it is not by accident the month of March was picked either because someone with this also has a third copy of that chromosome. So 3-21 represents this trisomy genetic condition perfectly.

But here’s the thing, I think someone who has Down is perfect because of it. We can learn much especially how to choose joy. I believe God gave us these special people to help us live life a little lighter. If you have been blessed to know someone with Down syndrome in your life strive to grow that relationship and what you will find is a faithful friend.

They love hard. They work hard. They enjoy life to its fullest.

Those with Down syndrome have the human right to work, be accepted, and to be fully integrated into the communities they live.

Work to make that happen if you are able. It will speak volumes to them, their parents, and all those who know them when we are inclusive of everyone including people with Down.

A true way to live love out loudly and…

Redefine success and happiness – make a friend with someone who has Down syndrome and don’t forget tomorrow…

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