hi – neighbour

Not sure if you can tell this is a car bumper with a sticker, but I never saw this one before!

A simple message that says so much.

We are neighbours with others we haven’t even met.

Greet others with a friendly smile, a courteous hello, a head nod, or a sincere gesture.

Just be kind and understanding.

Be humble and loving.

Don’t insist on having things your way.

Yield your rights.

All these things say: “Hey, neighbour, I am thinking of you. You are more important than me. And I am considering you.”

I often say feelings saved are better than being right. Easier said then done sometimes. Our selfishness can kick into high gear in an instance.

When it does, take a moment to step back from the situation. Try to see the other’s point of view. Breathe a moment before responding and when you do start with a simple “Hi, neighbour” might just put all at ease and help others see what it means to…


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