are you planning to fast?

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent which is a time as we approach the Easter season to reflect, repent, and rejoice that our Savior came and paid the price for our sin.

Yes, Lent is to be a time of reflection, repentance, and prayer but this should be done daily regardless of what time of year it is but life often gets in the way. Don’t let it!

Are you planning to fast something this season? Maybe sugar or meat or grains? Perhaps you would be more willing to commit to no news/tv/media or other Internet surfing until you have put in time with God. I further suggest the same amount you would with other things should be the same amount of time in the Word or in prayer. Focus on introspection, self examination, and repentance.

Many choose to celebrate a fast throughout the season of Lent, but the focus is not on depriving themselves of something as much as it is on devoting themselves to God and His purposes in the world.

Lent is an excellent tool to help focus our attention on God with the way we organize our time. One year I read a 46 day lent devotion on the Bible app. There are many to choose from. Why not pick one out and tell us which one you choose in the comments below.

Perhaps you will want to set a timer for three minute, five minute, or larger intervals to have pointed prayer for individuals.

If you want me to pray for you, send me a private message or comment below.

In my opinion, it is always a good day to pause, be still, and listen to what the Lord has to say to our souls.

Use this season of Lent to draw you closer to the Lord and in turn you will be better at being the church.

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