don’t worry; be happy

The sentiment of that song should be the Christian’s inner plan as we bring any anxious thoughts to the Lord.

We are to cast our burdens on Him and choose joy.

I don’t think Bobby McFerrin would agree that his song was Christian per se but it was what we should be just the same – free of worry and happy.

One of the last lines in his song says: “It will soon pass whatever it is.” And he ends with: “I’m not worried.”

Are you?

If so, what is causing you not to be happy?

What brings anxiety to your heart?

What are you worrying about?

God wants to hear about it all and turn your frown upside down.

He also says don’t do it! Just like that song says: “Don’t worry, be happy.” Put a smile on your face. Don’t bring everybody around you down with a frown.

Choose joy for the journey so others can see you…

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.I Peter 5.7

“Be joyful always.” I Thessalonians 5.16

In other words, don’t worry; be happy!

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