keep your word

We have a family friend that is constantly changing plans. So much so that we put plans with them in pencil on the family calendar as more often then not they change or get canceled. We can easily erase them when written in pencil. When the kids were small, they learned pretty quick that their words could not be counted on. It bred disappointment in them but, was also a great lesson to learn what not to do. It has been said that a smart person learns from their mistakes and doesn’t repeat them. But, a wise person learns from others’ mistakes and doesn’t follow suit. That was our prayer: that our kids would grow up to learn from this bad example and become people of their word.

When you commit and say “yes”, follow through.

Canceling should be the exception not the rule.

The Bible even tells us to let our ‘yes’ be yes and ‘no’, no (Matthew 5.37). And if you didn’t know, this pleases the Lord so…

“Keep your word whatever the cost.” Psalm 15.4b (paraphrased)

I suggest you go and read the entirety of that Psalm in several versions and apply it to your daily life. Being a Godly citizen is key if you desire to share the truth and

so keep your word so others will not have an excuse not to believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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