to be touched or not to be touched that is the question

Physical touch is definitely not everyone’s love ‘language’. For some, it has to be an area to grow in especially if a spouse or child has this as their primary love ‘language’.

People do speak different ‘ love ‘languages’. It has been said that it is our secondary language after our native tongue. We must be willing to learn our own love ‘language’ and the love ‘language’ of those around us so we can be effective communicators of the love that they need to receive.

If physical touch is the primary ‘language’, this person craves, thrives, and is filled when touch is used liberally. Hand holding or long hugs are deeply appreciated by the person whose primary love ‘language’ is physical touch. Even if that is not yours, those you love whom it is will so appreciate your efforts to offer touch.

Besides, all humans need physical touch especially the young and the old. Often at hospitals, doctors say that if someone is touched repeatedly they have a tendency to heal quicker. What a powerful message that tells us how physical touch is so important to our well-being.

Learn to love to touch. You will make others around you who ‘speak’ this love ‘language’ so happy.

The Bible even talks about greeting other Christians with a holy embrace (2 Corinthians 13.12 MSG). So, if we are to greet those in the fold this way, make sure it starts in the home so those in it can be filled and ready to give out love to others by physically touching.

“Holy embraces all around.” Romans 16.16

Physical touch is a gift to be given away.

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