love people

I love people. I especially love to talk and hear people’s stories. I try to find some common denominator to connect us. And of course, whenever I can weave God into the conversation, I do.

I am no respecter of persons. I literally will talk to anyone. It doesn’t matter their station in life, their nationality, or socio-economic status. I just love people.

And so should you!

Even if you are not a people person or your personality is more introverted, you still can show love with a smile, open body language, holding a door open for another, letting someone go ahead of you, and a million other ways. (Give us more ideas in the comments.)

The point is: find ways you are comfortable to love; then, do it!

We are Just over half way through the ‘love’ month. How many more people can you show God’s love to before the month is through? (Let us know.)

“…a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons…” Acts 10.34

Nor should we be!

Just go love and others will see you…

Who knows that small act of kindness might just change the trajectory someone is on and help draw them closer to the Lord. Now that is a great byproduct of love, wouldn’t you agree?

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