learn to hear God’s voice – love speaks *

I believe God has been faithful to appear and speak in every generation. So wouldn’t it be true to say that He will appear and speak to this generation.

We have been told all our lives God is love. I John 4.8, 4.16, and of course John 3.16 all confirm this sentiment.

God being love indicates His character. It also reveals how He manifests love and why He sent Christ. Love is the foundation of our faith. It is the cornerstone and the reason we can live out our faith so joyfully.

Love also speaks so our lives must also speak love for others to be drawn into the fold as we pour our love out on to them.

But, it is much easier to give when we receive from the Giver first.

What are you doing to draw close to The Lord and learn to hear His voice?

“My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me.” John 10.27

As you come to recognize the voice of the Lord, you will draw closer to Him and He will help you…


to all those around you.

Continue to follow Him each and every moment so you can always be.the.church giving the love the world needs to see.

*check out the series on TBN Love Speaks by filmmaker and storyteller Carl Wesley Anderson as he takes you on a journey through time to discover the voice of God!

© 2019 be.the.church aclearberry all rights reserved

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