keep fighting the good fight

I often can be found conversing with the homeless, comforting the down trodden or oppressed, and encouraging recovering addicts.

More times than not I will end an exchange with “Keep fighting the good fight.”

Ah, ‘the good fight!’ It really is the only one worth fighting for and sometimes that battle is won within ourselves.

I also say this little phrase:

You are …

L – oved

A – ccepted

C – omplete and

K – nown

You L – A – C – K nothing with Christ Jesus as Lord.*

One night when I was feeling down, our Heavenly Father quietly whispered these same words into my heart. The words I so regularly dish out were now breathing life back into my soul.

If you ever feel less than or unworthy, maybe unloveable or unusable, check yourself with the words above and remind yourself the battle belongs to the Lord (1 Samuel 17.4, 2 Chronicles 20.15).

You are a child of the King and He loves you!

That should be enough and encourage you to “keep fighting the good fight’ for after all we are the light to the world and they need to see us shining bright. And in being so, we will …

*credit: Jennifer Rothchild

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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