Take care of what you dirty (dishes, clothes, bathroom, etc).

Empty and refill dishwasher.

Refill that toilet paper roll.

And whatever you do, don’t leave it like this…

Take the two extra seconds to finish the job!

Take out the overflowing trash.

Put clothes in the dryer or away when returned folded and clean.

Make the bed. Set the table. (Or is it set the bed and make the table?)

At any rate, all of the above just take a few minutes. I would even venture to say 15 tops.

So make the time to make the load lighter for another or put a smile on the face of whom those tasks fall to when no one else does them.

And for the love of Pete, ALWAYS say thank you when these mundane tasks are done for you (washed clothes, ironed shirts, clean kitchen and/or bathroom, vacuumed/dusted house, etc).

So often these labors of love go unappreciated.

So often family living under one roof wait for someone else to do it.

So often they can become a point of contention.

Don’t let them!

Last I checked, the bread winner or home maker are not maids waiting for others to make a mess so they could be there to clean it up.

Do your part and do it joyfully.

Enough said because the ones that need to hear this PSA are probably not the ones reading so I instead am preaching to the choir.

So, here it goes! If you are the one doing the above for thankless individuals, check your attitude. If need be, even check your heart.

No one said you had to reciprocate or become the choir master or doer, but God did say we are to serve as if we are serving Him and not others (Colossians 3.23). If we are serving with an attitude as unto Christ then maybe those small inconveniences or annoyances won’t bother us so much.

Take inventory of yourself and joyfully go about your Father’s business. Now that is a public service announcement worthy of adhering to. Do it as you…

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