Last November, I found out my aunt died. I hadn’t seen her in decades as she lived in Florida and hadn’t spoken to her in years. Before my dad passed, we tried to locate her when she stopped calling. They had been talking about once a month or at least on or around all major holidays and birthdays. We thought perhaps she had a memory issue but couldn’t be sure. I tried talking to other relatives and even tried to find one of her daughter’s but we found out she had passed. Dad would ask all the time for me to dial her number for him or if I found her yet. He longed to talk to his last living sibling and what a shock to find out she was still around. Poor dad. Lost time for no good reason.

I know people ebb and flow in and out of our lives, but family shouldn’t drift like this.

I sent this text to my kids: I guess my brother and cousin texted my sister that my aunt died – not sure if you recall but grandpa his last few years was sad as he hadn’t heard from her and we couldn’t find her – we thought maybe she was in a nursing home or had dementia or Alzheimer’s – then we all assumed she had passed as she was 8 years older than him but sadly just not knowing when and boy were we wrong in that thinking – she died just this week at 98!

My 2 thoughts were this that I wanted to tell them:

1) Never not know what is going on with your siblings and

2.) Visit my aunt as often as possible because at over 100 she surely doesn’t have much time left. But then again, I have thought she was old all my life and can’t believe she is still going strong. We also thought my other aunt was gone and again like I said we were wrong.

The point is don’t let those who need love and acceptance drift out of your life. Sure there are some (related or not) that need to go but others we let drift when we really should draw close.

I wish I knew that aunt was still alive and am sad about the obit my kids might see one day about the passing of one of my siblings they may loose touch with after I am gone.

Again, don’t drift.

Yes, relationships can ebb and flow in life but don’t let the important ones in your life go drifting.

And that reminds me the point of all of this is: don’t let your relationship with the Lord go drifting either.

Hebrews 2.1 says it like this : “We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.”

Don’t lose your first love! (Revelations 2.4)

Don’t forget about how God forgave you much with the sacrifice of His Son. (John 3.16)

Don’t stop reading The Word daily, praying, going to church, and whatever other disciplines you have established to draw close to the Lord! (Hebrews 10.25, I Thes 5.17)

And remember: “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” (I Corinthians 10.33) so surround yourself with good, like-minded folks who sharpen you not bring you down.

Press on towards the goal that lies ahead. Forget what lies behind and strain for what is forward. (Paraphrased from Philippians 3.13+14)

One last thing: life gets us so busy that it is easy to start drifting before you even realize. When you add in disappointments (especially with family) or discouragement, you have once solid, involved mission-minded, serving saints reduced to hiding and drifting.

When we focus on problems instead of giving them to The problem solver, we tend to drift. Don’t do it!

We can also drift in abundance. The western world with its modern conveniences vie for our attention. Recreation or desire keep us drifting.

Being aware is half the battle.

So fix things in your life so you won’t be or continue to be drifting.

Ask a spouse, a pastor, a close friend, or relative to help you be accountable so you won’t drift. Call out to God and let Him draw you closer.

Isn’t it funny that when all is going good, it is often the time we drift.

Remember God’s goodness and faithfulness in the past so you can keep your mind and heart from drifting.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so stop drifting in all areas of your life and use the time you have been given wisely.

After all, time is our greatest commodity. Don’t waste it drifting.

Use some time to…


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