the drx excel plus

What’s that? You might ask. It is a fancy state of the art x-ray imaging machine. Pretty impressive I might add as it even is equipped with alternating colored lights purely for ambiance just like the souped up convertible we had the pleasure of driving for a few short weeks (but that story is for another day.)

the DXL was in a sterile room that was cold and bright. As the bright lights would flash in my closed eyes I began to sing …

“Oh Lord, You are beautiful – Your face is all I see – for when Your eyes are on this child – Your grace abounds to me.”

And that is what I have to be grateful for such grace.

Grace that I have a Savior who cared to die for me and now carries my burdens.

Grace that my Heavenly Father sees all and offers second chances or third or fourth or two hundred and ninety one if need be.

I was also grateful to get X-rays for a car accident where I was spared and no one seriously injured.

Not sure what DRX stands for (perhaps digital radiation X-ray) but for today I will say it is doing right with the eXtra great God by my side or use it as a sort of acronym –

DDig into God’s Word


R – be Righteous and be Ready to give anyone an answer of why you have joy and hope for a future even beyond the grave

X – do everything as unto the Lord so that means with eXcellence so that encompasses the “excell plus” too.

Never a hum drum moment in my mind as anything can become a spiritual lesson or reminder of a blessing even the DRX excell plus machine.

FYI, I grew up listening to Keith Green songs and the link below is an all time favorite and the song I was singing in the x-ray machine. It was recorded live just one week after he wrote it.

I think of lives cut too short – his at age 28, Martin Luther King Jr. at age 39, Christ 33. The world is a better place because of them and I am reminded we never know the time for us to leave this earth so use your time wisely and maybe that acronym from the DXL might just be what keeps us on track so we can…

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