somethings can’t be mended but some can

That was a line in the Poldark series which I highly recommend reading and/or watching. It was referring to some feuding relationships. One which would not be mended and the other still had hope.

Speaking of hope another line said this: “Everyone deserves hope and the hope of love.

And that is true. We waste so much energy on the would of, could of, should ofs instead of looking to love and hope and reconciliation.

I have had my share of feuding relationships and I, like Poldark, can truly see how some are so worthy of salvaging and then there is some better to let go.

However, the Bible encourages us to forgive and not just to forgive once but 70 times 7! (Matthew 18.22)

I think the best way to love though is by trying to live at peace with everyone to the best of your ability.

And remember, somethings can’t be mended but some can. Work on those so the world can see you being the church.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12.8

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