dna results are in…

You are a child of God!

That was on a church sign when I was on a road trip with a friend who owns a moving company. That sign was a good reminder to who we are and whose we are.

God is in control and desires us to give control over to Him.

That particular day was filled with a few frustrations starting with the truck not starting. Then, when we arrived to deliver, the hired local movers were small in statue while furniture was solid and tall.

But, the day ended by encouraging one of them to get to a doctor to check his blood for prostate cancer. So if some aggravation was in our day, it was worth it to pray for this guy. We encouraged him to go to a lab to get his psa numbers that very day.

Not sure if he did it or not. Not sure he will think much about our prayer or time together ever again. But, I know I took the opportunity to plant a seed that hopefully will grow and gave encouragement that could very well save a life physically but more importantly spiritually. I pray ‘Richie’ finds his way to put his trust and faith in the living God who is able to not only heal but to save our souls.

Yes, the DNA results are in – you, buddy, are a child of God and so are you, dear cyber reader. We must just believe it and then live out our days helping others see that for themselves.


Who is with me?

It really is the way for us all to…


“…worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.” I Peter 3.15 NLT

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