what’s the greatest need of the world? (hint: HE is also the solution!)

Today, we send off some missionaries to the Middle East. We know God has been with them through their fundraising efforts providing for their every need. But if you were to ask them what their greatest need was they would turn the conversation around to ask: “What is the world’s greatest need?” The simple answer is to know Jesus and to make His kingdom known. And you could turn that around to ask: “What is the solution to all the world’s problems?” And again, the answer is the same only Jesus as the whole world needs to know of His saving grace.

We are also approaching the end of week one of this new year. By now, many have already given up on the resolutions made just days ago. The diets have been broken. The work out goals already thrown by the way side. But there is one resounding theme this blog will nail home is for us to be.the.church. Don’t let that go unnoticed in your daily life. Strive to be.the.church for the whole world so needs to see us being it.

If we are to meet the greatest need of the world, than we need to be.the.church.

So, how can we do that?

Well, here’s some practical ways to be.the.church right in the community God has placed you. That is where He needs you to be a witness and a bright light so all can come to know Him by your example of His love.

  • Walk your neighbor’s dog
  • Fetch your neighbor’s mail
  • Bring up their garbage bin or take it to the road for them
  • Smile at those passing by
  • Pray with those who are sick or if someone asks for prayer, grab their hand and pray right then
  • Listen to those who are lonely
  • Care for those in need
  • Provide a meal for a new mother
  • Babysit for a single parent
  • Give of your time to a local soup kitchen or shelter
  • Donate clothes
  • Have ziploc bags with some essentials like toothpaste, snacks, water bottle, etc prepared in your car to give to someone begging on the side of the road
  • Carry small bills, change, or high protein snacks for homeless you encounter
  • Pay for the to go order for the car behind and tell the worker to tell them to pay it forward
  • Carpool
  • Going to store – ask if a neighbor needs you to pick something up
  • Just do something nice for another today!

Whatever you choose, tell us about it in the comments or tell of a time someone has done something for you and we might just be inspired to follow suit so we can all…


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