day 2 – how about you?

It is January 2nd. The day some go back to work, others back to routines, but often we end up back in the status quo.

Don’t do it!

Don’t let this year slip on by without really thinking and praying about what you want to accomplish.

This is year 5 for me picking a personal theme for the year to live out. There are books (like My One Word), blogs, even DIY crafts ( that encourage us to pick a word to live by and I encourage you to do so. No rush, though, so take your time to contemplate what it is you want this year’s focus to be all about.

For me, it is usually sometime late fall where a stirring in my heart begins for a new word to be birthed in my soul. God drops a word in and I let it germinate. Often I think it will benefit me for one thing but usually it is not till the nearing of the next year’s end that I really see what it was God was trying to teach me as the word took on a spin all its own in a whole other direction from where I thought it would go. Sometimes, we humans are slow learners but we always have room for improvement and a word to live by might just keep us focused.

Yes, it is true; we all have things to work on, things we desire to accomplish, goals we set, and only sometimes make. My suggestion, however, is to get rid of the long lists and focus on just one word, one theme, one idea for the next 12 months.

Here we are on just day 2 of this new year and we already have work to do! So, how about you? Will you join in picking a theme? If so, please comment and share what it is you will focus on. I promise it will help you be a better version of you so you can as you apply your 2019 theme!

And if you ask, I will tell you my one word for this year and at no extra charge, I will even tell you past words I used to live by too.

One word! That’s all it can take to transform you and make this year more focused, more productive, more Christ-like. So, take the plunge and find one so together we can be better at being the church!

© 2019 aclearberry all rights reserved

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