what’s in a name – be.the.church – ready.set.go!

It is a new year! A new beginning! Time for resolutions and revelations. Time to make a plan filled with hope for the 12 months ahead. Time to set goals and expect to meet them.

For me, it is day 1 of 365 days of blog entries. It is with exciting trepidation and a heart filled with anticipation that come next December 31, I will have succeeded. Please come along with me and join me on this journey, for after all, traveling together makes life a bit better as we are to be in community as the church.

What exactly do I mean by be.the.church and why this title?

Well, as you see the title of the blog and this first entry of the year is the same:


So, what exactly is in the name, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

be.the.church…is who we are to be!

It also implies action. It gives direction. It even grants belonging for WE are the church therefore we must BE the church.

That is what we should be. That is what the world needs. That is what God requires.

The church, aka the whole body of Christian believers, needs to be woken up, speaking up, and rising up for the cause of Christ. We need to be sharing the light in the darkness not wavering or giving up until the whole world has heard of and seen the light in us made possible by Christ through us.


BE the light.

BE a witness.

Just BE the church …

til all have heard and been given the opportunity to join the family of believers.

I look forward to sharing with you my heart as God reveals truth in everyday living.

My desire is that I can be the church personally and for you to experience how He wants you to be it too, right where He has placed you in YOUR town, YOUR home, YOUR community.

be.the.church – I am ready – are you?



© 2019 be.the.church aclearberry all rights reserved

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